Is it Unhealthy to Hold in Farts

Is it Unhealthy to Hold in FartsFarting is a very natural thing in human beings and animals. Despite the fact that it is natural, it is something that you would not want to happen especially when you are in the company of other people. This is one of the main reasons people opt to hold in the fart for some time and wait until they are all alone so that they can relieve themselves and release the fart. This is a very normal urge due to etiquette reasons but the big question comes in when we start pondering if holding the fart is good for your health.

Farts are mainly intestinal gases created by digestive action in the stomach. In some cases, the farts may be a sign of problems in the digestive system that can be cured even naturally. Holding in farts is not a good thing to do since it has some effects, though not adverse, to your health. It is worth noting that the pressure of the gas must be released and if not, it can have some effects on the walls of the intestines. To be more specific, this gas can blow up the walls of the intestines and create pockets called diverticula. These pockets are at risk of getting an infection and if it happens, an individual can get a serious condition known as diverticulus.

It is worth noting that diverticulus is not the only health effect one can get from holding in farts. Other effects include heartburns, bloating, indigestion, and pain among others. The trapped gas may interfere with the distension of the intestines leading to an increased blood pressure and heart rate. The other effect of holding the gas is a mental one portrayed as stress of trying to hinder the gas from escaping. As seen from all these possible effects of holding in farts, it is highly advisable to let it out.

You cannot be able to hold in the gas in every situation. When you fall asleep, the gas may escape, as it is the case with when you sneeze and cough. When the gas is also too much, it may prove hard to hold it and in such a case, it just gets out.

If you are experiencing serious farting issues, it is important to talk to your health care expert so that the exact cause of the problem can be established. In most cases, excessive gas in the stomach is a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome and intolerance to lactose specifically milk. Constipation and other medical conditions may also be playing a part in the increased gas production in an individual. Once the cause of increased farting has been established, a doctor can help alleviate the problem so that you do not suffer from the health effects of holding in farts.

Aside from the extreme cases of flatulence, you can take some measures to help control the rate at which you fart. One thing you should do is to keep away all the foodstuffs that give you gas. Such a measure is dependent on people since they react differently to foodstuffs. The main part is not about the food but about how your body responds to it and digests it. You should also try to drink more fluids so that you do not get constipation. This will however mean that you will have to urinate more, which is an inconvenience to some people.

In conclusion, it is evident that farting is a natural body process that cannot be avoided. Holding it is unhealthy since it brings some side effects with it. In most cases or rather if it possible, try to let the gas out as soon as it fills up in the intestines.

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