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Pros and Cons of Waxing Your Face
Face Waxing

Pros and Cons of Waxing Your Face

Pros and Cons of Waxing Your FaceWaxing is a form of hair removal which eliminates hair from the root. Face waxing is defined as the removal of unwanted hair on the face by waxing. Getting rid of facial hair can be done through different methods such as bleaching, threading, laser treatments or electrolysis, but facial waxing is considered as the most common method.

Pros and Cons of Waxing Your Face

For some, waxing their faces is necessary to maintain flawless skin. As for others, they might consider waxing as the most affordable and doable approach of hair removal. So, what are the pros and cons then?

Benefits of Waxing Your Face

Of all the known ways of removing unwanted hair, waxing can be considered as the most commonly patronized by most of us. Face waxing, when properly executed, can leave your face smooth and of course, free of hair for a couple of weeks. The benefits of this method include:

Face waxing is a great option for people with lots of unwanted facial hair. Shaving the facial hair, especially for men, cuts off the surface of the skin, making a blunt-edge effect. When the hair begins to grow again, it grows in the form of a stubble. Waxing, on the other hand, removes the entire hair shaft. This means that the hair grows back naturally and is free from the stubble caused by shaving. As mentioned, waxing removes the entire hair shaft, thus you are assured of having a long-lasting smooth skin. Most waxing effects can last up to two weeks or more, depending on the rate of hair growth. Waxing provides much more precision as compared to shaving. Facial waxing is perfect especially for women that would love to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows. If you wax regularly, hair growth gradually decreases. This is because waxing damages the hair follicle. After doing this repeatedly to your face, the hair follicle will stop producing hair, making your face hair-free. Compared to other methods of hair removal, waxing is less expensive and you can easily do it yourself.

Drawbacks of Waxing Your Face

Yes, face waxing has certain disadvantages or drawbacks as well. These include:

Face waxing causes pain because facial skin is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body. Waxing your face may leave blood patches. When you wax your face, not only the hair but also the upper layer of the skin is detached from your face. Face waxing too often may result in redness or even red bumps on your face. If waxing is not done properly, it can lead to skin irritation, skin burns, skin infection, skin disease and allergic reactions. Face waxing does not guarantee 100% hair removal in just a single stroke. As a result, you would have to repeat the procedure several times to completely remove facial hair. Face waxing might lead to occurrences of pimples and face rash. Also, if face waxing does not remove hair from the root, it will result in ‘ingrown’ hair. For some people, they may experience skin discoloration because of waxing. After waxing, you will be bound not to go outdoors for at least 24 hours.