Is It Unhealthy To Make Your Bed?

Is It Unhealthy To Make Your Bed?Researchers at Kingston University  have found that leaving your bed unmade may actually prevent the growth of bed bugs. The researchers have discovered that dust mites are unable to thrive in a bed left unmade, due to the warm and dry conditions it creates. In fact, Dr Stephen Pretlove of the School of Architecture at Kingston University is among several specialists advocating for Britons to leave beds unmade (1). They believe this will help banish these mites from their houses, therefore lessening the occurrence of asthma and other allergenic conditions.

Bed bugs can’t thrive in dry conditions

Dr. Pretlove argues that the population of house dust mites on the average bed could reach 1.5 million (1). Their diminutive size makes it difficult for one to spot them with bare eyes. Scales of human skin make up the mite’s primary diet, for which reason they like infesting the beds where people sleep. According to the researcher, these disease-carriers produce allergens which a person can inhale easily during sleep, thereby contracting asthma and like illnesses. The group of scientists has come up with a computer model that tracks reduction in dust-mite numbers as changes are introduced into a home. Already, they are aware that mites are only capable of surviving by absorbing water from the atmosphere through small glands found outside their body. As such, Dr. Pretlove indicates that leaving the bed unmade during daytime would desiccate the beddings of moisture, which would dehydrate and kill these mites.

The researchers look forward to further investigating the pathogenic insects in their next phase of research. It involves introducing mite pockets into beds within 36 houses located all around the United Kingdom. They aim at testing their computer model at this stage. This should enable them learn better the relationship between daily routines of individuals and populations of mites in their homes. Ventilation, insulation and heating are just some of the key features to be varied inside buildings during the research.



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