Starbucks’ White Hot Chocolate

white-hot-chocolateMost people would assume that a cup of hot chocolate is pretty unhealthy. That’s pretty obvious since it’s steamed milk with sugar and whipped cream. The part that really surprises people is just exactly how unhealthy a hot white chocolate from Starbucks is!

Starbucks’ white hot chocolate (venti)

  • 590 calories
  • 23 grams of fat
  • 78 grams of sugar

White hot chocolate has more calories than a Big Mac

This is the fact or statistic that might surprise you the most. A McDonald’s big mac has 530 calories, which is actually less than a Starbucks’ white chocolate coming in at 590 calories. Even if you order the smaller version of the white chocolate (Grande 160z), it’s still very close with 480 calories.

McDonald’s big mac label versus Starbucks’ white chocolate nutrition label

McDonald’s Big Mac nutrition: Click Here

Starbucks’ white hot chocolate nutrition: Click Here

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